Dixie Rogerson-Bill
Painter - Sculptor - Enamelist

Artist statement:

"After painting representationally for many years, the strength of value, color and design began to take over, eliminating detail to bring about a stronger statement. My work is always changing, always a surprise. My drawings, paintings, sculpture and enamelings come (on the most part) from inner-creativity...my mind's visual aides."

All around the country, Rogerson Lithographs and Cards have delighted customers for years. Fans of Dixie's are seeing more and more of her work, from her private hilltop studio to gallery, gift, and frame shops.

Her style is uniquely personal and readily identifiable. Dixie's art is in constant demand and eagerly awaited. She captures the mood, the moment, and the joy so playfully wonderful.

To own a Rogerson Lithograph is both fantasy and reality, and simply enjoyable. She is one of America's naivete artists.

To send one of her cards to a friend or loved one says, "You are special and unique."

Born in Centralia, Washington, Dixie always drew as a child. She began painting in oils when she was very young. She is a disciplined, dedicated artist who spends her time working in her hilltop studio surrounded by acres of wooded countryside. Dixie rises with the sun to begin working in many media using them as a way to express color, pattern, design, shape and value. Her whimsical paintings, involving children, flowers and birds, emphasize fun and the joy of people.

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